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PLUS: How to be wary of Persuasive AI?

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What if your next viral video was crafted by AI? Sounds intriguing, right? 🤔
In this edition, with a healthy dose of PM and data wisdom, Spark & Trouble shed light on a groundbreaking innovation that is revolutionizing video making. Buckle up for a wild ride!

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  • Product Lab: Decoding “Viggle” 📹

  • Coolest sunglasses in town: Ray Ban glasses powered by Meta AI 🕶️

  • Wish to create your own applications with LLMs? You can’t miss out on this short course 🤖

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Product Labs🔬: Decoding Viggle

Tired of static images? In this edition, Spark & Trouble will introduce you to Viggle, to sprinkle some video generation & animation magic on your creativity!

Viggle isn't your average video editing software. Viggle allows you to superimpose a static image of a person into an existing video frame or even animate a static image to your whim. No complex editing timelines, no wrestling with special effects – just a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of Viggle's brilliance.

Product Labs: Decoding the AI Matrix - Viggle (source: Created by authors)
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What's in it for You?

Viggle AI is currently running its Beta version and you can access it by joining their Discord channel.

The landing page of

Invite to Viggle’s Beta Discord Channel

Once on the Discord channel, you can interact with Viggle using commands on any of the animate channels. For the geeks who require nothing short of top-notch documentation, Viggle also has a dedicated tutorial.’s Tutorial Channel on Discord’s Animate channels

Now, let's dive into Viggle's toolbox and explore these commands:


Ever wanted to bring your character sketches or illustrations to life? Viggle's /animate command allows you to do just that!

  • Upload an image - a person’s face or full body shot

  • Choose from a library of motion prompt templates from Viggle’s prompt library (or describe the animation through a regular text prompt) Prompt Library

  • Select the background - here, you have 2 choices - green or white. Well, that may not be what we finally want, but stay tuned…we’ll talk about this soon.

  • Select “On” for finetune - to keep things simple, we’ll just say that it results in better-quality videos

Wait for a couple of minutes… & voila! Your animated character is ready! And we must say that the character consistency throughout the video is pretty good.

Making Joker do some twirls with “animate”. Prompt used “dance ballet”


Animation is great, but what if I need to give my character some moves from a custom video (basically, replace the character in a video completely with any person of your choice)? For that, Viggle offers the /mix command:

  • Like /animate, you have to upload the image of a person

  • Now, upload the custom video

  • Select the appropriate background & set finetune to “On”

…and boom! In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your wildest dreams turned into reality!

Making Iron Man dance to Bollywood beats, is truly insane!

Currently, we have only “mix” and “animate” available on Discord. The commands below are yet to be available.

  • /ideate: Stuck on a concept for a social media post or a marketing campaign? Viggle's got your back! This command will become your brainstorming buddy. Just type in a few keywords and let Viggle generate entirely new video concepts based on your prompts.

  • /stylize: Happy with your animation but want to add a personal touch? This command will allow you to fine-tune the visual style of your creations. Play around with the stylization options and give your videos a unique flair.

  • /character: While the specifics of this command are still under wraps, it seems to be linked to character selection and creation. It might allow you to choose from a library of pre-made characters or customize the details of characters you upload yourself.

This demonstrates how Viggle is leveraging the power of releasing an MVP (minimum viable product) into the market to get valuable early customer feedback, which could shape its product roadmap.

That’s all humans. but what if I want to animate a cat?
For that, you might have to wait a bit because Viggle is soon releasing their model that can animate non-human figures as well.

Another slight nitpicky issue could be that users new to Discord may struggle to get started with Viggle.

And now, back to our background - if you noticed the Iron Man dance video, it had the same background as the original video, just with the character replaced. But Viggle’s outputs have a simple green/white background. What’s going on?

To pull off something like that, you need a little video editing. Here’s a neat tutorial to do it in a jiffy (spoiler - it uses RunwayML’s Video Inpaint Tool).

What’s the tech under the hood?

Viggle AI leverages JST-1, the groundbreaking video-3D foundation model with an innate understanding of physics. This innovative technology empowers you with granular control over character movements and environmental interactions, ensuring the creation of stunningly realistic animations and scenarios. The exact architecture is still under wraps, but the quality of videos produced by this model is game-changing!

Contrary to popular belief, Viggle has a host of applications apart from making yourself dance 😋

  • Marketing Maverick: No budget for fancy animation? No problem! Craft eye-catching explainer videos or social media ads with Viggle.

  • Social Media Standout: Tired of static posts? Design funny reaction clips or short, shareable stories to rule the feed.

  • Presentation Powerhouse: Ditch the boring slides! Breathe life into your data with animated charts or explainer videos.

  • Educational Extraordinaire: Teachers, rejoice! Create engaging lessons with animated historical scenes or science characters.

What's the Intrigue?

The world of AI-powered video creation is still young, but tools like SORA, Viggle bring a few new interesting possibilities

  • Democratization of Animation: Traditionally, animation has been a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Tools like Viggle have the potential to make animation creation more accessible, empowering anyone with a story to tell to bring it to life in a visual format.

  • The Rise of the "Micro-Animators": With AI streamlining the animation process, we might see a surge in short-form animated content creation. Imagine a world of bite-sized animated stories, educational explainers, or quirky social media posts – all crafted by a new generation of "micro-animators."

  • The Human-AI Collaboration: While AI can handle the heavy lifting of animation, human creativity will always be essential. The true magic lies in the synergy between human imagination and the capabilities of AI tools like Viggle.

The deep deep concern however is of DeepFakes. Recently a very realistic deep fake on Obama became viral. With tools like Viggle where animating any individual’s photo is possible with a few clicks, the right usage of these tools and means to enforce it is critical.

Spark & Trouble strongly believe in the responsible use of AI and encourage all our readers to be careful what they build with AI.

So, are you ready to take a dip in the whimsical world of Viggle AI? Join the Viggle Discord server, grab your imagination by the reins, and get ready to see your creative visions come to life in a whole new way.

You Asked 🙋‍♀️, We Answered ✔️

Question: Many AI applications are designed to be persuasive. How can we, as users, become more aware of these persuasive tactics and make informed decisions?

Answer: Spotting persuasive AI requires a critical eye. We've all fallen for flashy "limited-time offers" or too-good-to-be-true testimonials. Be wary of appeals to emotions or claims from seemingly authoritative figures. Don't rush decisions, fact-check information, and question how questions are phrased. Seek transparency – the best AI lets you understand its reasoning. Develop healthy scepticism. Remember, AI is a tool, and like any tool, it can be used for good or for persuasion.

By following these tips, you can become a savvier user of AI and make informed decisions. Stay tuned for future issues where we'll deep-dive further into the world of persuasive AI!

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